[Civil Affairs] AP3 Platoon Drill - 02/06/2017

62nd Army Field Report
To: Василий Иванович Чуйков (Lieutenant General Vasily Chuikov)
From: Field Operations Command (Captain Utrov)

The supply lines were stretched thin and under orders from the Commissar, the men of the 42nd Guard Division were dispatched towards the apartment complex duly named "Pavlov's House" in order to investigate reports of mechanized infantry as well as corresponding mortar teams in the area. The members of the 42nd Guard Division were split up into three separate units, each tasked with their own specific objective. Their general orders were to provide a reconnoiter as well as eliminating the threat of mechanized infantry and a Panzer IV. First Squad's objective was to advanced towards the Eastern line, providing covering fire from the warehouses covering two separate squads flanking from the South East. Early scouts reported a mass of infantry in the Northern Apartment Complexes and one Panzer IV. Second Squad's task was to clear out the Northern Apartment Complexes then find and destroy the Panzer IV as they had recently requisitioned a new PTRS-41 Anti Tank Rifle. The third unit, consisting of Third Squad and Fourth Squad, was ordered to smoke the Eastern front and advance to clear out any Germans in the four story Eastern Apartments then also find and destroy the Panzer IV equipped with satchel charges.

First Squad (Junior Sergeant Popov's Journal)

Our squad felt the heat of the sweltering sun as it beat upon our backs. We were tasked with clearing the Northern warehouses as they were believed to have contained enemy infantry, machine-guns, and elite members of the Fallschirmjäger unit as well. Command sent us into a hellhole, I thought. The first few hundred meters of advance went well, as our squad cleared the apartment complexes and various warehouses fairly easily and sustained no casualties nor enemy contact along the way. Then, as we were moving towards the enemy trenches to the final green warehouse, a voice rang out "Grenade!". I have never seen such a hellish sight as three of my squad members were blown to pieces in front of my eyes. All hell broke loose then as enemy MG fire opened up. We lost 8 out of our 11 members in an instant and were suppressed by a variety of automatic and bolt action rifles. In accordance with Comrade Stalin's Order No. 227, we could not retreat and were pinned down. Our squad was continually pinned down until members from Second Squad arrived to help us. Second Squad began picking off the fascists from afar and eventually cleared the warehouse with us. All of us would have been lost that day if Bumgarn, our sole MG, did not take quick action and dove prone to open fire on the opposing fascists who dare oppose the Motherland. After the carnage was over and Second Squad came to help out, I counted the bodies of each of our fallen comrades. 8 out 11 men, lost. For what? For a damn empty warehouse and a lot of dead bodies.

Second Squad (Sergeant Pavchenko's Journal)

After we saw First Squad move out, our objective was clear to invade the Northern Apartment Complexes and destroy the fascist scum. I know personally that my squad and I relished the fact that what we did that day was for the good of the Motherland, and we showed those Fallschirmjäger who were the true elites of the battlefield that day. Second Squad moved in complete silence towards the Northern Apartments, and found a passageway underneath the Apartment Complexes. The Germans were unsuspecting of an underground flank that day, and we cleared the Northern Apartments dispatching five enemies along the way. The squad did not suffer any casualties and we spotted the tank on the North Eastern side of the river. Laying down our new equipment from Moscow, Junior Sergeant Sokolov pulled out a PTRS-41 Anti Tank Rifle, checked and dialed in the sights and waited for the signal. From our viewpoint in the Northern Apartment complexes we spotted First Squad pinned down by MG fire as well as various other infantry. My tactical decision to leave Junior Sergeant Sokolov with a spotter is what I believe won us the battle that day. The PTRS Anti-Tank rifle echoed across the field, forcing the Panzer IV which had sustained several hits to pull back towards the 9th January Square. I led nine of my men towards the warehouses where First Squad was under siege, and proceeded to tell my best marksman to pick their shots carefully. We eventually ended up rescuing Junior Sergeant Povov's squad, but the look in his eyes told me that he was on a mental breaking point. I shouted at him "For Mother Russia Comrade!". This seemed to put some sense back into him, and we successfully cleared the rest of the surrounding area.

Third Squad (Efreitor Volkov's Journal)

With the heat, hunger, and incredible discomfort, sometimes I thought it would be a blessing to die, but I have discovered a fate far worse than death. Comrade Commissar Petrov sent me out on my first mission today, praising us as patriots of the Motherland. We were patriots of our homeland, and we knew we had to do the best that we possibly could. I've seen the planes bombing and the smell of death, but have never had it thrust into my face as it was today. Our squad, along with Fourth Squad, were tasked with attacking the trenches of the heavily fortified Eastern Apartments. Under a rain of MG fire, smoke, and a Panzer IV, we ran for our lives in those trenches. Our squad leader called out enemy MG positions which we stormed after losing many men. One by one, we cleared each of the MGs out, the first floor MG, the second floor MG, the third floor MG. Dozens of Germans as well as my Comrades died each floor we went, and the bodies just kept piling up. Even then, I had to keep pressing forward through the pit of despair and death. As we reached the fourth floor, we found a German Officer. He was begging for his life, but I gunned him down mercilessly. Out in the distance, Fourth Squad had descended and were approaching the Panzer IV which had retreated due to Anti Tank fire from the North. I watched as the Panzer IV blew up from a well placed satchel charge. The Germans, seeing as they lost their armor support and were unable to stage a counter attack, retreated across the Volga, and the battle ended on that day. My hands ache and are incredibly shaky as I write this, as I have just witnessed people dying for the first time. The German Officer I killed, I realized that he had a family as I do, and I cried in front of all the men today. I had hoped Mother, that what we do here makes a difference but with the death that I have just witnessed, and the lives that I have taken, I no longer believe that to be true.

Written by: Pvt. Price
Edited by: WO1 Brewer and PFC Plumbley
Approved by: CoCA and Bn. S3

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