How do I report an Issue Involving Another Player in a 29th ID Public Server?

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Sometimes you may encounter some troublesome players while playing on a 29th ID public server. Here are some methods and the steps for reporting a problem player.

The methods below are the best way to expedite an investigation into your report. Individual threads created regarding issues on a server will be closed and may not be addressed.

Most important First Step

Whenever you encounter a problematic player, always make sure to get as much information about the player as you can before reporting.

Arma 3


Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm
  1. Press the ~ key
  2. type PLAYERLIST
  3. Press Enter
  4. Use Page up and Page Down to scroll through
  5. Record their ROID and name
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam




This helps us greatly when dealing with your report.

Contact a Server Admin (NCO or Officer) via Teamspeak

Contact any NCO (Cpl. and higher) and they can assist you.

  • Please have the player's name and ROID available when contacting a member via Teamspeak

  • IP:Port

  • Password

    • 29th

Post The Offender's Name and ID in the Problem Player Reporting Thread

We have a dedicated thread to report problem players. This method is not as fast as utilizing Teamspeak (above)

  • Problem Player Reporting Thread
    • Which Game Server?
    • Post must include player name and ID
    • Approximate time of occurrence (Eastern Time)
    • Any other relevant details

Posts missing actionable details may be deleted without warning.

Send a Private Message to a member of our MP Corps

Failing action via one of the above methods or if an occurrence is involving a 29th member we encourage you to send a private message on these forums to any member of the MP Corps.

  • Click on the name of the member you'd like to contact at the link above.
  • Click View Profile
  • Click Message (next to the service jacket)
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