[RO2/RS ] Problems With In-game Controls

My sprint/zoom/breathe key (left shift) works only for sprinting, when i want to zoom with my weapon it doesn't work even if i use default settings.
I've found that there is an alternative zoom key ("h") but it doesn't work for sprinting. How can i set sprint/zoom/breathe with the same button?


  • Hello. What game are you playing?

  • If its RO2/RS than you can try deleting your game config folder in Documents>myGames>RedOrchestra2. This will reset all your binds but may fix the problem. This folder is not to be confused with your actual RO game folder in steam apps(DO NOT mess with that). But deleting you config folder is perfectly fine to do.

  • sorry i didn't mention the game, it's red orchestra 2

  • thanks Cpl.

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