Hello everybody , i am new on this forum , i recently find 2 duis , one with the capitol and bottom line yellow green so 29th mp the over one is capitol + bottom line blue and white , i have never seen it before , i don't find it on boock , it's written 29 mp on the back ???? Somebody could help me ??? i have picture but i don't manage to put it in my message


  • If you can, try to upload the picture to a website like http://imgur.com/ and post the URL to the image in here.

  • ok , i 'm gonna try by this way https://fr.pinterest.com/rogierchristoph/ , the photo is on pnterest 29th division

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    It might have been a DUI worn by one of the brigade HQs when it was a square division (can't find anything to back this up, though; pure speculation). Think it was worn by special- or HQ troops and the like. MP platoon might have worn it some time pre-war (or perhaps pre- or during the triangularization of the division?). I am in no way an expert on these kinds of subjects but all I could find is this image:

    enter image description here

  • thanks for your research , i have these pictures , yes wa can speculate another mp dui or like you say an another hq brigade, still a nice item !!!!
    thanks again

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