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Anyone watching NBA?

It is very hard to watch it live here in Turkey due to time zone difference, but Conference Finals are underway. It will be a nice match-up between GSW-SAS and can't wait to watch it!


  • Yeah same in Spain unless you have private chanels you won't watch it and usually matches are up at 2/3/4 am

  • Well, Golden State swept the San Antonio Spurs 4-0 with ease. Breaking point was the injury of their All-Star starter Kawhi Leonard while they had a +20 pts lead during the first game. Without him, it became pretty easy for GSW to proceed to the Finals.

    With Cleveland 3-0 up front against Boston, it's %99.9 certain we will have a Warriors-Cavaliers Final in the upcoming weeks.

  • @T5 Orhan Yeah i saw that about Leonard such a pitty , and about CLV-BOS as far i know they are 2-1 ,Cleveland leading, but yeah probably it gonna be Warriors-Cavaliers , i am not sure if Warriors have any chance.

  • Finals are going to start soon, Cleveland will try to defend their title against Golden State.

    Any thoughts?

  • i think Golden stat dont have chance against Cleveland but i dont like lebron so i want golden to win

  • I'm a lifelong (50 years) resident of the SF Bay Area so I'm definitely hoping for a Golden State win. I'm confident they will do it, though I don't think it'll be a sweep. However, in all honesty, if I were in Las Vegas right now, I'd probably plop down money on Cleveland just because of the +215 odds.

    I've been following the Warriors since I was in grade school and it sure has been interesting to see how perception of the team has changed radically during their run of success over the past few years - both locally and nationally. From a fan standpoint, this is a no-win situation for Golden State.

    If they lose, they'll probably get even more crap than they did last year when they broke the regular season record for wins AND blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals. The acquisition of Kevin Durant will probably be the biggest point.

    If they win, then it'll be how they were fortunate to play teams that had key players with injuries. The previous 2 years, they heard how lucky they were to avoid the Spurs and then they finally go up against them this year and Kawhi Leonard gets hurt and under controversial circumstances to boot.

    Even the locals turn on each other as you're accused of being a "bandwagon" or "fair weather" fan if you show any sort of vocal or visual support. One thing that will definitely suck is when the Warriors move from Oakland back to San Francisco in a few years. Granted, the Oakland Coliseum and Oracle Arena are a dump, but the vibe is going to be completely different in a SF location.

  • Against all prognostic (in my opinion) Golden state won the first match for 113-91, match where LeBron was blocked everywhere and Curry scored like 28 points, let's see what happen this next Monday

  • GSW came on top in the first game with the help of their superstars Curry & Durant. Durant was very energetic, found a bunch of easy points in the paint and shot with high percentage.

    Cleveland showed a serious breakdown on their defence and they couldn't keep the ball in their hands. They need to increase the intensity of their in-paint defence and they need to take more bench production.

    One problem for GSW is the poor form of Klay Thompson at the offensive end. He's not shooting that well as he used to be in the regular season. GSW needs to find a way to get him in his mood.

  • 2nd match and GSW won again, with 132-113

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    Durant factor, he's making things complicated for Cleveland.

    Cavaliers did a good fight this time, if I'm not mistaken they got 15-16 steals this game. Their intensity at the defensive end increased but still, Warriors used their two big weapons to came over top.

    Both Curry and Durant are playing like surreal, and if they keep their forms at this level, it will be hard for Cavaliers to turn things as they wish.

  • And Cavaliers won their first match of the finals and cut off the 15 consecutive victories of GSW, if they want to win they may have win all the matches left, anyway they did good yesterday because they were above 20 GSW all the time and I saw a lot of lack of defense in both teams let's see what happen next day

  • Well, it's over. I'm darn glad they don't have to go back to Cleveland. Andre Iguodala once again proved his worth to the Warriors. KD has already said that he may be open to adjusting his contract to keep some of the key parts around and Andre is definitely one of them - Shaun Livingston would be another. Obviously, however, job #1 is re-signing Steph Curry. Have to keep in mind that all 3 of the big men in the center rotation signed 1-year contracts, so they're all UFA's as well (Pachulia, McGee, and West).

    If folks didn't already know it, this series proved that Kyrie Irving is one of the best finishers at the basket in the league.

    Even if Chris Paul somehow ends up with San Antonio, I don't see why the Warriors couldn't make another run at the Finals - assuming no major injuries, of course. Same could be said for Cleveland, of course. All their key players (James, Irving, Love, JR Smith, Tristan Thompson) are signed through at least '18-'19.

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    2016-2017 Finals concluded as I predicted, Golden State Warriors came on top easily after beating Cleveland Cavaliers 4-1.

    In my opinion, if Durant wasn't in the Warriors Franchise, it could be a 50-50 match between two teams. However a front court of Curry-Thompson combined with Draymond Green & Durant is way overpowered, even for the Cavaliers.

    This Final series also showed that roster of the Cavaliers is somewhat broken. LeBron-Irving and Love combination is nice but rest of the team is actually garbage. Still I haven't undestood what Tristan Thompson and Iman Shumpert did in the series, their basketball IQ literally not enough for a Championship Team.

  • Any of you guys are watching the play offs This year?

  • More of a Baseball guy myself lol.

    Plus, lost interest in NBA since the Warriors are in the Finals every year

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