MS Fundraiser

Hello everyone, Myself and a few of my friends have entered into a fundraising event for multiple sclerosis. If you know anyone who has suffered through this terrible affliction or even know some side effects, you know a cure should be found ASAP. My current goal is 60 dollars(mandatory to participate in the actual event), but I will cover the cost if I don't reach that goal. All donations help, so if you got some loose change to spare I would appreciate every penny.

Here is the link to my donation page

In case you are curious about MS and looking for more info here is Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada's website:


  • Sorry I could not donate more.

    It warms my heart to see such initiatives from the 29th and it's members. Good luck with your event and you have my thanks for your effort!

    As someone who's mother suffers from MS I know how shitty the effects of it are, and just how important it is to raise awareness of the disease. There are a lot of promising medications and treatments being developed but in my opinion they need a lot more funding and awareness.

  • I'm very sorry to hear about your mother, one of my best friends father suffers from the disease and its targeting his legs. He used to be a firefighter and now he requires a cane to get around. The treatments are for sure getting better, but hopefully one day we wont need to treat it. Thank you for your donation, it will go towards a good cause!

  • I wish I could have donated more. Hope it helps.

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    Everyone's generosity is touching. Ive already reached my goal for this fundraiser, thank you to everyone who donated. If anyone wishes to donate more, your money will not be going to waste. Thanks again everyone!

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