The 29th in Rising Storm 2

So what is the 29th IDs stance on said game? Haven't really seen anything about it.

The Reason why I ask is because 32v32 scrims are possible. There are a number of groups capable of doing it particularly in North America. It's something I'd very much like to see happen.


  • The 29th has actually just opened a public server on RO2 Rising Storm. We are not currently planning on moving to said game, but we have a lot of members that play it. Please feel free to join us on there!

  • Here's some general information for our RS2 Server.

    Server Name: 29th Infantry Division [Battalion Server][New York]
    Server IP: or

    You can also go to our TeamSpeak server and hang out with a couple of us on there (if you haven't already):

    Password: 29th

    Hope to see you ingame!

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    Played today with a few of the troops on RS-2. Daytime my internet is almost useless as I have a rural 'radio' broadband connection. Ping swing is just terrible. Was a fun little time as was not a herding cats 32v32 fiasco, Thanks. When is the prime play time? I am on US CDT, rural Nebraska, USA.

    I used to be 29th way back in the DH days with Hutchinson? out of Arkansas, and the initial tank platoon.

  • Yes I was more asking if you had the capability of organising 32 players against another 32 player team in Rising storm 2.

  • Capability? sure. Likely wont happen though as the server's purpose is for 29th private events as well as just public play. I am almost certain the 29th has no intentions on facing another unit in the game just yet.

  • Hey Lemonator. If the 29th were to extend an official Company into RS2, we would definitely be able to do a match like that. However, right now we're just getting our feet wet with the game and looking into its feasibility as a platform for our unit. We just opened up the server this week and we're looking at updating mutators to get the server working for our needs.

    Right now though, we are not officially deployed in RS2, so wouldn't really be looking for a big 32v32 scrim yet.

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