The Death of You and Me

In 1994, Altian insurgent forces attacked a small military outpost belonging to NATO located around the northwestern part of the island of Altis. Inside the outpost were several members of the 116th Infantry Brigade of the 29th Infantry Division: currently defending a VIP wanted dead by the Altian rebels for defecting and sharing valuable information to the enemy. Unfortunately, the VIP was killed during the attack due to a grenade that entered through the window of the building he occupied. Among these insurgent forces was a Mullac Senoj, believed to have been raised on the island before the outbreak of civil war in the late 1980s.

The attack was easily repelled by NATO forces, barely losing any men in comparison to the opposing side. After the attack’s dramatic conclusion, the corpses of the insurgents were inspected for purposes of determining who the enemy had been. On the body of Senoj they discovered a small taping device, still recording, which hadn’t yet been stopped since his death. This was instantly sent to the Central Intelligence Agency in the United States where it was stored for 9 years, being dismissed as ‘no use’.

In the wake of the Altian civil war in 2003, the recording was found by CIA agents buried within their store rooms. It was then transcribed and translated into English before being sent to the government of Altis to be permanently kept. The transcript was then lost in a misplacement where it was then only discovered 14 years later.

This is what was written down on the official transcript; these were the thoughts of a dying insurgent.

[Distorted crackling.]

Mullac: [Speaking to someone else,] “It’s too early for this. We have hot summers and they decide to do this on the coldest of all days? It’s freezing.”

[Inaudible mutterings in background.]

Mullac: [To himself,] “Right, so it’s about 7:00am and we’re about to commence our attack on the base northwest from here. Not really sure who’s in there, I missed most of the briefing. I think I’m going to stay on the hill up here and try to look into the area, try to kill anyone I see with this machine gun here.”

[Mutterings grow louder as if someone is being yelled at.]

???: “Mullac! What are you doing standing around? You should be preparing, we need to get that traitor! Make sure your radio is set up, I need to know what you’re doing.”

Mullac: “Of course, Knov. I was just thinking of where the best area for me should be.”

Knov: “You’re staying with me, I don’t think you’re ready to go alone. We can look upon the base while the rest move in.”

Mullac: “But I wanted to go...”

[Yellings grow louder as it seems the person yelling is moving closer to the recorder, still inaudible. There are shouts followed by a call and response from the rest of the group before they begin to move out.]

Mullac: “Ok, so we’re moving towards the hill, hopefully to get a good view. I think the rest are moving around before charging in while me and Knov stay here. It’s a very open area, not a lot of trees between here and the base.”

[Knov comes through on the radio telling Mullac to open fire whenever he sees anyone.]

Mullac: [Lowering voice,] “I think I see someone in that vehicle on the gun. I’m going to try and take him out, Knov.”

[Shots are heard in bursts.]

Mullac: “Enemy is down, but they know where we are now, shall we relocate, Knov?”

Knov: “Yes, let’s go around the opposite direction and move in as well.”

Mullac: “Ok, we’re moving around the hill now. I see a small forest ahead so we will try to go through there.

[Shots heard in distance.]

I think the rest are being shot at, hopefully they don’t all go down. That would be bad for us.”

Knov: “Mullac, do you see anything from here?”

Mullac: “There are a few trees in the way but I see some enemies, can I shoot?"

Knov: “If you have a shot. I will move up alone. I will try to contact the rest on the radio if they are still alive.

[Cracklings heard followed by distant inaudible voice. Voice seems to repeat.]

[Distorted as it comes through Mullac’s radio system,] Ok, there are a few alive but many dead. They will continue throwing explosives. I will carry on moving, you move too soon.”

[Burst shots are heard from Mullac’s weapon.]

Mullac: “I think they see me, I will move towards you. [To himself, sounding like he is running,] This isn’t going well, I don’t think we will get him. We have already lost too many and I think me and Knov will be next. We are moving in knowing we will probably die. It’s the way of our lives I guess. Only now I realize I might not be coming home, but maybe someone will hear this someday, I don’t know. Maybe friends, maybe enemies, but I hope you understand what we did today. We aren’t the most experienced or rich, but it’s our ambition that drives us forward, no matter the consequence.

[Explosions and gunshots heard.]

Knov, are you okay?”

Knov: “Yes, I am okay. I am throwing all the grenades I have into the base, I think one may have entered the building in middle. They see me but I am fine.”

[Silence for a while, sounds of Mullac running and distant gunfire continues.]

Mullac: “I am getting closer to the base now, I will continue to fire. What’s going on?

[No reply is heard]

Knov, can you hear me? Are you alive? Knov!

[No reply, sounds of running stops as well as all gunfire, Mullac stops moving with his voice changing to a negative tone.]

I never thought it could end in such a way. Knov is dead and the rest are also not answering on the radio. I’m frustrated. We wake up early every day to train for this, we eat what we can find, and we are assured we are doing the right thing, as I am sure we are. We find weapons, we find ammunition, and we find cars to get here, but it’s not enough. I don’t know much of life outside of this island, this is all my life has been. I think I deserved more though, maybe more than having to fight, maybe more than being aggressive, no matter who the enemy is. I’m too far forward to turn back now, this is what my life has come down to. I don’t know who will be listening to this, if anyone at all. I did this for myself, so I could listen in the future and remember my days of fighting once we had brought peace to Altis, but that appears less likely now. Whoever listens, I hope you understand why we did this. Growing up, I remember the days of freedom and happiness in the land before our government was corrupted by greed. We did this to bring back dignity, we fight to bring peace. I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it happen.”

[Mullac can be heard running along with gunfire before a loud scream is heard, silence follows and he isn't heard from again.]

Written by PFC Laird.
Edited by WO1 Brewer.
Formatted by PFC Laird.


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