Permanently Banned - Wehrmacht=WarCriminals

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ROID: 76561198037356785
Date/Time of Ban: 23 June 2017 circa 23:50 GMT
Name you used when banned: Wehrmacht=WarCriminals
Admin who banned you: No idea
Why were you banned:

I presume by the defence of my username against right wing & german fanatics who seem to have an issue with my username over the chat and my subsequent response to them.

Why should you be unbanned:

I do not believe I should have been banned in the first place.

My response to people having an issue with my name has been to google and then pick up a history book, to then ignore them and continue playing the game.

If you believe that I have been engaging in political discussion on the chat then please look at the chat transcript where I have not answered or engaged with even the most vile bigoted filth being written via the chat.

If you believe that my name is provocative and should be changed then I would suggest you also ban all the people with SS and other Wehrmacht unit names as well as those glorifying the III Reich, since there was almost no wehrmacht unit without involvement in major warm crimes, millions of rapes etc. and the open glorification of these units (which is quite common place on your server) I find to be a sickening disgrace which should also not be allowed. Although I have never openly disapproved of this on the server or via chat (and this should also be the same for soviet troops although I have found no one glorifying them), I have never protested against anyone in chat with usernames such as SS Totenkopf or Grossdeutschland Div etc. but I appear to have my fans regarding my username.

If you believe my name must be changed on this server I invite you to educate yourself on what is fact and should not even be challenged or discussed, i.e. the myth that is the clean wehrmacht.

There are several references of books and studies that can be followed from these two articles.

If you believe my ban should be upheld, you should then also ban the fellow who was throwing the most appalling anti-semitic filth at me in random intervals (I am not Jewish but it is still irrelevant), most of which I did not reply to, I'm sure he did not get banned - I forget his name please see the transcript.

Should the ban be upheld I will be fairly disgusted that while open glorification and pride in an army that committed some of the most appalling filth known to a modern army in history is not only accepted, openly displayed and indulged in on your server, but that to signal sympathy for their victims - the millions of women raped and/or forced into sexual slavery not to mention the thousands of deliberate murders and pillaging to name a few would be so outlandish a thing to have as a username that it would result in instant banning.

People have no right to not be offended by my username if it dispels their myth of a criminal army, and I should have every right to use it as a username since it is based in fact and not fantasy, unlike those used by people pretending to be Wehrmacht units with pride.

At most I could agree to not engage in discussion with people on your server who have a problem with my username, I did my best to answer simply google + history book when such people attacked me. However if this is the case I should have been warned and not just banned in an instant and while someone was ranting anti-semitic filth at me I might add. Would people complain if my username was Stalin=Bad? Or Hitler=Murderer?

The only other thing I can think of for the ban is where a few minutes before I by mistake killed quite a few team mates over a bridge firing HE from a tank, they were in fact mixed with German infantry on the Lutremange map (the flags had just changed position) and I also hit an allied supply truck killing all inside which from my angle and with the infantry looked like an Axis opel truck, judging by my score about 6th on the leader board with around 40 points at the time one can see I am not and have never been a deliberate team killer.

The result of this ban dispute is really a reflection of you as a server as opposed to any infarction on my part.


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    Jesus, another long one.

    Alright, Mr. Name , if that is your name, lets get to the brass tacks about why you're wrong in your reasoning about your ban.

    First off, you were banned for encouraging political discussion. You were asked repeatedly by multiple admins to stop. It also doesn't help that your name encourages that political discourse and I personally would consider it troll bait. Now, As a professional educator and Historian, I do understand what you're saying. I understand very well that the Wehrmacht, just like any army in any war commits war crimes. The Wehrmacht wasn't the first and surely won't be the last. I don't need wiki articles to know or learn this. I'm also slightly dissapointed that you used wiki articles in the first place, but alas, the would stir up political discussion.

    Which brings me to my second point. Our server and forums are mostly public places. That being said, all public spaces have a code of conduct that ensures civility. In this case, you were asked to refrain from political discussion. Political discussion on a game server tends to ruin other peoples fun. Afterall, gaming is meant to be fun. If your idea of fun means killing fake pixelated Nazi's, then great! However, what ruins my fun are people talking about politics as my Office and admins monitor the server. I don't care what your view point is, I don't care if you think you have a moral high ground. We're all playing a game. If you cannot abide by that simple rule, buy a Wolfenstein single player game and go to town.

    As for our player base which has various German unit tags in them, they, just like the 29th ID, have the same right to represent which ever unit they are a part of. Unless the name is offensive, we do not take action on such things. Your name however is troll bait, like I said. It encourages discussion about things we in the 29th would rather not have on our server. Topics such as that are better left in academic halls or better yet, historical conferences. So, my advice to you is to google historical conferences near you in the UK, write up a paper about War Crimes by whatever army in whatever war, and debate there. Not in our server.

    I'm going to be nice and let this ban stick for a month. Once that time period is over, feel free to reapply for a ban dispute and I'll gladly unban you then.

  • Ban will remain permanent after continuous argument over ban.

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