Unbanned - Aleczandr_Heimst

Edit 8:02pm PST-Forgot Steam ID: 76561198078789120
Date/Time of Ban: 7:21 PST
Game: RO: Darkest Hour '44
Name you used when banned: SlovakianJewHunter
Admin who banned you: Unknown-Edit 8:10pm PST- Only admin on was Dethfield.
Why were you banned: Name wasnt under guidlines.
Why should you be unbanned: Because i was preemtively banned without any warning or previous kicks.
As stated above i was banned at aprox 7:21 PST while playing on the 29th Battalion server, when I was banned immediately with no Warning, preemptive kick or anything of the likes, for seemingly nothing more than the contents of my username (and that of my friends, although ironically enough, he was not banned.) and as it is now 7:38 my friend is still under the name of UkrainianCrippleHunter and has not been given a warning, a Kick or a ban of any kind. even though his name follows the exact same guidelines of mine, which (as the skins in game are S.S.(Dot 44, Oakleaf and black/Oakleaf Tanker Uniforms)) we followed a historical aspect for snipers and or other veterans of the time, which abides by nicknames of the sort. if given the chance you can contact me at Spidzer@Hotmail.com, and if need be i can hop onto the TeamSpeak to discuss this further. i tend to be under the username of Aleczandr, or Aleczandr_Heimst


  • Your ban dispute will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

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    And you think its ok to have that name because some racist murderous idiots in the 40's thought they were the übermensch?

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    not exactly, no. it's a form of morbid humor my friends and I have developed over the past few years. "you see comrade, Dark humor is like food. Not everyone gets it." But if this were to be an actual event in a non WW2 related game then i would consider it in bad taste, a good example would be if I applied the name to Overwatch.....the name simply wouldn't make sense in that setting.

    Edit: basically the name is contextual to the game and period in which it is placed. Other examples of such are in Steel Division, where my name is set to "12th ᛋᛋ Panzer Division Hitlerjugend" when i play Axis and simply "3rd American Armored Division" or insert divsion name here when i play my allied armored deck. again, simply put, each name is to it's own and has its purpose.

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    Besides what i've already stated my main point is that i was not given a chance to even look into the option of changing my name. Deth simply banned me on the spot without any description as to why and without previous warnings or kicks, seeing as i just got the game 2 days before.

  • Not sure where you got the idea where it was Cpl. Dethfield, because it wasn't. Regardless, a name like that is offensive to people. We'll be on the lookout for your friend if he doesn't change his name, but for the time being, keep it clean.

    You've been unbanned.

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