Unbanned - Deth

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ROID: 76561197988292604
Which Game were you banned on? (DH)
Date/Time of Ban: 7/9/2017
Name you used when banned: Deth
Admin who banned you: Cpt.Patty
Why were you banned: Making fun of a screenshot on cpt pattys profile and insulting the 29th
Why should you be unbanned: sorry


  • I'd like to get back into the battalion server and get back to playing darkest hour. Thanks.

  • Your ban dispute will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

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    Cpt. Patty didn't ban you, I did, although he was in full rights of doing so after you attempted to impersonate him with your steam profile a few weeks ago. You have this belligerent consistency to be disrespectful to a rather large member of the DH community. Respect is one of the main pillars of the 29th ID and we strive to achieve this in the larger DH community by hosting a server that has extremely basic rules for play.

    After seeing your comments on the DH discussion boards on steam and on this screenshot you speak of, why should I bother unbanning you if I already expect what your future behavior will bring?

  • Because I will stop. Nothing I said or did was meant to be taken serious and I apologize on a personal level to the entire 29th.

    I will just keep my mouth shut and my actions will be more mature. A second chance is all I ask for, I have 2101 hours on your server and I'd like it to not end there.

    Thank you.

  • I'll take you on your word then. You've been unbanned.

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