Unbanned - MountinousMontenegrin

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Date/Time of Ban: 01.08.2017 I dont remember how much time was it.
Name you used when banned: MountinousMontenegrin
Admin who banned you: I cant remember
Why were you banned: For telling a dark humor joke wich was appereantly racist
Why should you be unbanned: I wasnt aware of that rule and also admin didnt gave me any warnings and gave me perm ban wich I think isnt right. Also it was really harmless joke and no one was offended and everyone continued joking in chat.


  • Can you please supply us with your ROID? Here's how to find it

  • 76561198125090402

  • Your ban dispute will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Ok, thanks.

  • I didn't know that making fun of holocaust victims was a harmless joke. Care to explain why it is? Here's a list of our server rules while you consider your answer. Server Rules.

  • No one was offended in the chat. Also, couldnt I get a warning? Or a temp ban? Its like you were waiting whole time to get someone banned,thats what it looked like in chat.

  • But that's the thing. There was no foresight there, you didn't think that maybe someone would be offended. That maybe something like that doesn't belong on that server. Maybe the people that run and pay for the server, don't want to see it? Now you're asking for a warning? You should have known our rules in the first place. Take a moment and google who's turf your on when our feed is constantly popping up with "hey, check our rules, be nice to other players" etc.

    So once again, why should I unban you?

  • You could give me temp ban. Also I told you above why should I get unbanned, I told you it was my fault. Now choose if you want to unban me or not im seriously not going to repeat myself and beg. Thanks.

  • Right, well because we have a pretty lenient policy of bans on our servers (three strikes your out sort of deal), I'll un-ban you. Read up on our server rules and hopefully we won't see you on the ban logs again.

  • Ok I will, thanks for the unban.

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