Weird Glitch SUPERMAN :) Hill 400 (witnessed by Rafterman)[DH]

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Battalion Server Hill 400 Wednesday 16th August 00:20 hours GMT
Hi 29th buddies, I thought you would want to know that I experienced a weird glitch whilst playing the Hill 400 map. I was in the role of sniper on the Allied side and, after watching your Youtube Tutorials, I followed your advice and took cover behind trees. I took multiple shots from one player without any damage and then another player (Rafterman) reported he had walked up to me and fired 2 shots at point blank range. I stayed alive and did not hear the shots at all. Hopefully you will remember I was an ADMIN for JR for years and would never cheat (hey I'm a tanker - just notice my terrible scores as infantry :). This glitch only happened for about a minute or so and not prior to this occasion. Anyway, after this I avoided taking cover behind trees and of course then got shot a lot. Just wanted to raise this in the interests of transparency. Many thanks for the server, SirMax007 (previously [JR]SirMax007-MP ).


  • Did the tree have it's leaves around the bottom? As in, were you surrounded by leaves?

    Heroes of the West foliage has some quite horrid hitboxes, and it's possible the leaves were taking bullets for you.

    Thanks for the heads up anyways though. Good on you.

  • Yes, thank you. Though this is from Darkest Hour 44-45. Not Heroes of the west.

  • Ah sorry. I suppose that's my bad hahah.

  • What did you experience from your end, like did you notice anything different or is it just the other player who noticed it? Like did you see him and hear the shots? Could possibly be a lag issue from their end or something similar. If not, it's possible there is a glitch around a certain tree from a certain angle where shots are blocked.

  • Thanks for your ideas and understanding - to be honest I was a little worried that the other player was concerned that I might be up to some "funny business," (he is usually very helpful and knows I am honest). I think you must be right and I appreciate the opportunity to talk it through on here. I really appreciate the 29th DH server - thank you for keeping the game alive for everybody.

  • I don't think there's much we could do from our end, but I appreciate you bringing it up either way.

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