The Strobe - AAR CP2S2

I gazed upon the beautiful scenery of the night sky. The moon lit up the dark atmosphere as the billions of sparkling dots decorated it; but this night sky would soon be the witness of a great battle. We had just received a message from the Ministry of Defense that a special package belonging to the United States' Navy, code name 'The Strobe', had been lost in the sea to the south of the Democratic Republic of Sahrani after the helicopter carrying the package was shot down by one of our surface-to-air missiles. Our squad was deployed immediately to search and capture this special package before the U.S. could retrieve it.

The men had gathered in a large room as Lt. Valentinovich briefed us about the mission. We were stocked with 2 BTR-60PBs to provide support for the diving team and three rigid-hulled inflatable boats for the operation. We also received information that the U.S. Forces had also mobilized its troops to recover the package, pitting a race between two warring nations in Sahrani. I pitied the Sahranian government: immediately following its civil war, they had to forcefully lie in the middle of political turmoil between west and east.

After hours of travel via sea, we arrived at the shore of a nearby island. The dark surface of the water reflected the bright moon up above as the waves distorted its image. The calm night's wind blew very serene.

Everything lay still.

I put on my tight wet suit, re-breather, and pair of goggles as I readied up my underwater rifle. I couldn't help but feel a twitch of anticipation about this mission, but I felt discouraged by the fact that this would be the most difficult and dangerous operation that I had ever been on. The U.S. would never let this package fall into our hands. After much preparation, we boarded the RHIBs as we started our journey towards the deep ocean accompanied with the BTR. The noise of the RHIBs' engines broke the calm night as we began slicing through the wind and air.

A few minutes passed when we spotted an enemy helicopter flying in the distance. The BTR started to open fire at the UH-1Y Venom; the sound of the fire could deafen a person from a mile away. The helicopter strafed us, beginning to emit a rain of bullets. I could hear the sharp buzz of its minigun. They were here.

Up ahead, we saw a boat coming from out of the hazy darkness as a plethora of threatening soldiers began disembarking into the sea to look for the same package. We would do anything necessary to get to it first. After a few moments, we reached the drop point as we too began to dive. I plunged myself past the deep and dark ocean surface. I started to scan the area for the package and any hostiles. We had no clue what the package looked like, nor what was in it. The more I searched, the more I only found seaweed, coral reefs, and schools of fish that just passed by.

As much as I enjoyed the scenery of marine life, I had a mission I needed to accomplish if I wanted to get out of here. Suddenly, a bullet whizzed past my ear, leaving a trail in the water. I looked towards where the trail emanated from as I started to blind fire my rifle towards the enemy shrouded in the surrounding darkness of the deep sea. My nearest comrade gave me a hand signal to get into cover. I dove down to take cover in a nearby coral reef. The moonlight barely piercing the surface provided little assistance to seeing the enemy or the package. I heard an explosion from up above, proceeded by a rain of fire cascading through the air as the light level grew with a slight intensity. I realized the explosion had been from the BTR as it began to occur to me that this mission was becoming a failure. I wept for the poor crewmen stuck inside the vehicle, who stood without a chance against whatever hit them.

I took many attempts to look around, but we still couldn't find the package. We wouldn't make any progress if we continued like this. I signaled to my nearest comrade to cover me while I dashed out from my cover in an attempt to search for the package elsewhere. I stayed as hidden as possible, constantly checking around for the sight of any enemies, all while I could continue hearing the buzzing from the underwater rifles discharging around me. Just then, I saw two enemy divers approaching a strange metallic box resting on the sea floor as I immediately rushed to hide within a tower of seaweed; I knew that must have been the package that we were looking for. After I had alerted the rest about my discovery, I began to move closer to the package.

Out of seemingly nowhere, a helicopter arrived from above. I could only see its search light that pierced directly through the surface, pointing right to the strange metallic box. I started to fire upon the divers, with the rest of my squad joining me, as they lifted the package to the surface. I took out one of the enemy divers as his lifeless body began sinking to the sea floor, but it was all in vain. The package had been lost to enemy hands. The enemy divers began to surface as they retreated in their boats.

Despair overcame us. We had lost two squad mates and an armored personnel carrier only to fail at this operation. The corpses of the fallen lay dead on the bottom of the sea. We came back to the base feeling much disenchantment with ourselves as I looked around to see the gloomy faces of my comrades. These indeed were dark days, but it shall not be the end for us.

Written by PFC Wallace.
Edited by PFC Laird & WO1 Brewer.
Formatted by PFC Laird.


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