Unbanned - Dunkirk[Fjr2]

ROID: 76561198049598695
Which Game were you banned on? (DH, RS, ArmA3): your Ts
Date/Time of Ban: a week or two after Halloween (2016)
Name you used when banned: Dunkirk[Fjr2]
Admin who banned you: none given
Why were you banned: racism
Why should you be unbanned: they day i got banned i was invited into the Ts by PFC. Schruurman (at the time) to do an interview about the Halloween event that took place Halloween night between the FJR2 and the 29th in Darkest Hour (2016). I did my interview and that was it. I latter was going to go back on to see if anyone wanted to play Men of War with me and some fellow Fjr's and it said i was banned for Racism. i do not know who or exactly why i was banned.


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