Hey 29th!

29th, I just want to say hello. I'm amazed with the progress this unit has made. I've been logging on DH the past week and it blows my mind how organized and active our players are to this day. I just want to drop by and give major props to Wilson for the success he gave to the 29th. If it wasn't for Wilson, none of this would be here and that's a fact. I've been married now for 5 years, with a good career in Geotechnical Engineering. If there's anything I can do for the 29th, I will be here to support you all. Much Love to my brethren, Tony Pak



  • PakPak
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    If any of the staff could contact me at tpak1989@gmail.com it would be much appreciated. I would like to support the unit in all their endeavors moving forward.

  • Back from the grave... Good lord, glad to see you're still around!

  • Yezzir! It's awesome to see you again! I was living in South Korea for 6 years as an English teacher. I've been so busy getting my life and career in order since I moved back from S. Korea 2 years ago. but now that i'm all set, i'm definitely sticking around. Looking forward to playing and catching up with you guys.

  • What's up Pak! Funny thing you pop in now, I'm retiring in a few days :x But 29th is still going strong and has moved into several new games from being only in DH. Glad you're doing well.

  • In case you guys didn't know, Pak was the founder of the 29th and (then) Cpt. Wilson took over when he had to leave the unit. That was 12 years ago... doesn't seem that long. I was 14 then, back when the age restriction was 13. Craazy how time flies.

  • It's a pleasure to read your histories guys, and nice to meet you Pak,I am glad even I don't know you that you probably got some sweet goals in your life

  • Brewer long time no see! I just had a huge trip down memory lane the moment I saw your name. How are you bro? Why are you retiring and how long were you active before now? I too am still shocked how much time has gone by since those days. Time has been flying so fast!

  • It's a pleasure to meet you too Alan. Life always has it's ups and downs but I think I can safely say that I've accomplished many goals in life with hard work. So much has changed for the better since I've grown and its exciting to see it continue especially with the 29th. Look forward to playing with you soon.

  • Never thought I'd be able to say a word-two to the founder, couldn't even find out who this mysterious founder was until today. Welcome back, sir!

  • A strange encounter indeed.

    Nice to meet you 'Pak', thank you for founding such a great community!

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    I heard the original founders started the 29th in a cafeteria in Maryland, is this true?

    Where at? I live near Baltimore.

    By the way awesome career Pak, I'm about to graduate with my degree in Environmental Science.

  • Wait, so you guys havent seen each other for 12 years?

  • Hello Sir! Damn cool to see the original founder make a comeback. :)

  • PakPak
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    Thank you for the warm welcome guys, it's great to meet you all. I appreciate you keeping the unit alive with all of your work and dedication. It makes me very happy that you all are having a good time here.

    • Corporal Donofrio: No it's not true, although that is pretty funny lol. I did spend the majority of my childhood growing up in Ellicott City, Maryland so possibly confusion came out of that somehow. But no, I started this unit when I was 14 years old living in Fairfax, Virginia. Good to see a fellow DMV resident and congratulations with your degree!

    • Private Matsuzaka: Last time I saw the unit was about 7-8 years ago when I came back from inactivity during the early DH days.

  • Holy smokes its the founder!! Omg omg omg... must act natural, must act natural... Deep breaths.. Deep breath.. Faints on the floor

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    Welcome back, Pak, do you still have those pics of LTC Wilson & co. at that WW2 re-enactment thingy? 'twas a good one if I recall (memory's bit hazy must've been a good few years ago now).

  • 2Lt. Kear: I really wish I did :( the PC I had with all of the old school videos and pictures has been long gone for sometime because of my move to Korea, I was so sad T_T. Thank god theres still Youtube videos of our Battlegrounds and DH experiences.

  • Pak, Thanks for making a gaming community that no matter who leaves or what they are doing it seems like they always come back. I like this family away from family thing! Ever Forward! Glad to see you back.

  • Great to meet you Corporal Schuurman and thank you for your kind words. The 29th has been through so much but family bonds and culture will always remain thanks to members like you. 29 Lets Go!

  • Glad to see you still putting around. I was around I guess a little while after you had left originally and when you had come back for your time in the late day of defeat / early DH days.

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    finally wakes up from faint
    Welcome Pak!

  • I thought the 29th was a self-conscious hive mind thing?...

  • Hey Noye good to see you again. I remember playing with you in the early DH days for sure. Congrats on your progress and promotions!

    Good playing with you the other day Private Faiers. I'll make sure to join you in teamspeak next time after I get it set up on this old PC im using xD

    Sergeant Peroni, It sure seems that way lol

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    @Sgt. Peroni said:
    I thought the 29th was a self-conscious hive mind thing?...

    We are.

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    *religious based exclamation removed* 12 years ago I was 6.
    The 29th sure is an awesome place to be, all the members have for sure had an impact on my own personality.
    I hope I can stay here for many more years. Thanks for starting this special community Pak who is much more than just a gaming community.

  • I was 7 12 years ago.

    In 4-6 years there'll be people in the unit that are younger than it. Think about that.

  • @Pak said:
    Brewer long time no see! I just had a huge trip down memory lane the moment I saw your name. How are you bro? Why are you retiring and how long were you active before now? I too am still shocked how much time has gone by since those days. Time has been flying so fast!

    I came back 5 years ago to the month. We are actually expanding into new games really soon and I just felt it an appropriate time to retire now. I'll still be around though.

    @Cpl. Donofrio Several of the original members were from Maryland and went to high school together.

  • PakPak
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    Brewer - I hear you bro. Please do stay around, it'd be great to keep in touch. Was it Glackin and his friends that were from Maryland? That would make sense if that were so.

    Olsen - That's awesome man, I'm happy to hear that the 29th is bringing joy to you in and outside of the game. That was definitely one of my top intentions when I started this unit. I wanted everyone to primarily have fun, but I also wanted people to learn some sort of skill that could help them out in the real world too. (I was taking the realism thing pretty serious at the time lol.) I even admit that my social skills improved so much IRL due to the 29th. Made it a lot easier for me during and after High School because I was a socially awkward kid growing up.

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