Custom maps in RS2.

So by the looks of things the 29th is coming to RS2 properly. With all the recruitment threads and one of your servers ranks going from around 60th all the way to 5th in a month.

I was thinking if you'd maybe like to host custom maps. As the 29th have always been accepting of custom content. If so contact me and I will link the necessary admins to a discord server where they can get notified of custom content updates. The modding community is much more organised than what it was in RO2.


  • I believe we are already running custom maps on our private servers for drills. There was a major lesson to be learned in RO2 about having custom maps, as the server usually died off when people had to wait to download a custom map every time we went to it. If the system has improved in that regard, it is certainly something we could consider.

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