Darkest Hour 8.0

Just wondering what others thing of this new release. I played the Beta version yesterday, mixed feelings. I guess that is I am so use to the older versions whereas this one no doubt has changed the game play look and feel.
I watched the vids on the different changes.

The Squad: I can see things like the "squad" being a plus to keep people interested in the game for a spell in a open server. But it needs to be limited to whom can use in "open" game play to bring the look and feel of a realistic battle. Also it should be linked to someone on the field who is in charge, otherwise you just have abuch of players in different squads popping in and out on the field. Communication is key and a better system of communicating is needed. I know there is TS and the others, but some sort of better in game system needs to be established to allow everyone on the one side to know what the hell is going on. lol Which leads me to where it can be fun and effective in both changing the game play and course of a battle. 29th realism scrims. From assigning players to a squad to controlling your squad on the battlefield to establishing strongholds, this no doubt can be a major plus to the realism scrimmages. During such a scrim, both sides have a more organized "communications" during the battle. Big plus.

The ability to turn off kill message on right side:
Always was a hot debate over the years. If your going to turn it off, some sort of "hit" or"flashing red light" should happen as you shoot a target. I found myself going back to the score board to see if I even killed the person. Now some will say you can see them die, well not all the time. I have taken out targets where you can only see a speck. That spec remains for a few seconds till the server removes it.

Well I will go now. Would love to hear what others think about the differences in the new release. What works, what doesn't and what can/should be fixed. BTW these thoughts above may be correct or wrong, I have not really played enough of 8.0 to totally get it.


  • Think the buildable spawnpoints will absolutely ruin public play, already saw loads of spawn killing/camping.
    It might work in Squad where maps are almost always bigger than 1km², but the relative small maps in DH have absolutely no room for this kind of spawning and manoevering.

    Also, building cover where you want is extremely exploitable ie. blocking entrances, blocking streets with hedgehogs.
    Think it will barely change Baker Co. drills, as 99% of the time it's a one life round, and we can paradrop anyway.

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