[Civil Affairs] March 14th, 2015

Civil Affairs, March 14th, 2015

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The 14th of March. It is not well known as a particularly auspicious day, it's Wikipedia article is particularly drab; the machinations of medieval Queens, the execution of Admiral Byng, the conviction of Jack Ruby. The birthdays section is not much better: Schiaparelli the astronomer, Phillips the Dutch Electronics magnate and Nicholas Anelka being the poppies straining for sunlight over what is otherwise a distinctly average field of grass... However it appears our bookish friends have omitted a key birthday: the 29th Infantry Division Online Realism Unit came into this world on the 14th of March 2005 and is thus 10 years old!

The 29th didn't start in the games it plays now. In fact, it started in a WWI Half-life mod known as The Trenches and over time it transitioned through to The Battlegrounds mod (Revolutionary War). Next came Day of Defeat (WWII half-life mod)) and then into Darkest Hour where it is still deployed alongside Companies in Arma3 and Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm. The Organization has changed markedly over the years as the work behind the scenes has grown more and more professional and the membership of the unit has increased from a handful of friends to 276 members spread across the entire globe, and with more members passing through BCT every week it looks like this number is set to grow!

The recent expansion into two new games marks the first time the 29th has supported multiple games at one time and Able and Charlie company continue to make fantastic progress in their respective games by taking part in numerous tournaments and campaigns to give their troops something to train for. Not that Baker has been resting on their laurels. They are currently taking part in a Normandy-wide campaign against German DH units and it is a testament to the resilience of the Darkest Hour community that they continue to successfully recruit and maintain their place within the game.

The 29th is not merely all about combat. Behind the scenes in Engineering Corps work feverishly on new mutators, maps and content for our games. Civil Affairs publicize the unit through videos and articles about the 29th. The Military Police work to keep our servers polite and troll-free. Medical Corps uses their experience and knowledge to keep the computers of the unit fighting fit. Adjutant Corps do the lion-share of administrative duties as well as sacrificing their free time to fill in paperwork! The Ordnance Corps maintains community content and make it available to all 29th members. Signal Corps maintains liaison between the various companies of the 29th interacts with. The elephant in the room is Lighthouse Corps who are by far the largest office and have arguably the most important job: taking public players and testing them through BCT to determine who is 29th material and who is not. In the last 8 years they have ran over 500 separate training platoons in various games and in various guises since being formalized by now Lt. Col Wilson for the 101st TP. The format has changed as well; initially it was an grueling 2 week process that left both Cadets and DI's exhausted at the end, whilst now the 5 day period is well established. With the increasing global reach of the 29th, GMT friendly times were first offered in early 2009 and since they were introduced European based players have come to make up around half of the unit.

In short, the 29th has changed markedly since it's inception those years ago in the 29th, but it has consistently improved; become more professional and better organized, larger, better funded and more integrated with the community around it. I'm proud to have be a member of this wonderful organization and I look forward to seeing where it goes in the next 10 years!

- 29th ID, Ever Forward!
- Cpl. Lamb

Now, if you took the time to read this article, you get to reap the benefits of it. Starting at 12:00am (0000 hours) on March 15th and running until 12:00pm (2400 hours) March 21st, the unit has a weapon restrictions lift to celebrate the grand occasion. Enjoy a gift from Battalion to make a week long of fun. Now, populate the servers.

Cpt. Eric M. Walker


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