Dog Company Custom Map Sunday Events!

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
Dog Company Custom Map Sunday Event

Regardless of whichever game the 29th Infantry Division has based itself in throughout its distinguished 12 year history, custom content has always been a thing the community has come to support and even cultivate at great length. As far back as the days in Day of Defeat, the 29th created its own mutators and used custom content in order to provide a fun and unparalleled player experience for those involved.

In 2013 upon the opening of the 29th's 'Able' Company in Red Orchestra 2, our own Cpt. Cranston would hold a 'Custom Map Sunday' event to aid in the testing of custom-made maps as we worked with the developers themselves, Tripwire Interactive, to provide feedback and help in improvement. This was a largely successful endeavor which solidified the 29th as more than just a bunch of gamers, setting it aside from other units as something unique.

We kept the community of Darkest Hour alive as we made our own maps and hosted those made by others in our events. In Arma 3, we created our own uniforms and supported utilization of community-made maps, weapons, vehicles, attire, and modifications. Wherever the 29th has been, a support for custom content has always followed, and it follows once more as we migrate to Rising Storm 2 in the reinstated 'Dog' Company. We are excited to announce that starting on this Sunday (12/24/17), and continuing every Sunday at 3pm EST, the 29th will be hosting a custom map Sunday event on its own server.

We are more than enthusiastic to continue this long-running tradition in yet another game and we hope to anticipate your participation as we do so. Ever forward!


29th Infantry Division [Battalion Server]


Password: 29th

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