The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Hey buddies!

Anyone got experience on the game? Is it as good as it looks? Worth the buy?

For the past few days i've been looking at the gameplay videos and been itching that if i should buy it or not.
Maybe if i did buy it, would i have game company from you who play it?

Give thoughts.


  • I played it in beta and was expecting Oblivion with friends, but nope. It wasn't fun in my opinion, there wasn't much of a story from the time I spent, and the combat wasn't very engaging. I didn't try it in retail, because beta left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Hello! Sorry to reply so late but I do indeed have it, and it has improved greatly from beta. It is on sale now on G2A for around 7 dollars (prices may have gone up/down)

  • Hey guys, I just got my hands on this game.
    Yeah, I'm pretty late to the game though.

    However, I had great fun so far and playing it daily now.
    Looking for more people to join in the fresh guild or just playing together.
    Hook me up to play, I found our good old bugger FSgt. Egerton in the game again, so that's another reason to join in!
    Catch me on steam!

  • Reviving a super old thread, but I recently purchased this game and I am loving it! If anyone else plays ESO still, feel free to add me!
    My username is: Schraff

  • its worth it¿ i was thinking about to buy it

  • Definitely worth it for a reduced cost.

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