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I just enlisted through PFC Bren and he mentioned I had two past bans.. This was from 2010 when the 29th was on Darkest Hour. One ban was for saying I didn't like a map and I did use the word shit, which I didn't know was not allowed.
The second ban I did deserve for cussing an admin for kicking me off the server to let someone else in after play 6o min of a 90 min map(the old Berlin map)
I did not at the time realize how strict the server rules were and was new to the game, but since then I have become familiar with the 29th community and rules, and have also been an admin for the 475 Ranger on RS.


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    Hello, I have gathered the following information on your bans. Can you please fill out any missing info and correct any incorrect info?

    ROID: 76561197982487907
    Which Game were you banned on? (Arma 3, RO2/RS, RS2, Squad): DH
    Date and Time of Ban: 2010
    Name you used when banned: GROSSMAN
    Admin who banned you: Cpt. Hill
    Why were you banned?: Said he didn't like the map, and cursing out an admin.
    Why should your ban be overturned?: Was not aware of the rules.

  • It would be under GROSSMAN, on DH and I think it was Hill who banned me. It was 7 years ago so i m not sure what rank he was at the time.

  • Your ban dispute will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

  • The unit is no longer in Darkest Hour, so your ban for that game only exists in our records. With that said and taking your enlistment into account, should you be accepted into our BCT program, I do hope that these past indiscretions are simply that, in the past.

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