Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

I've gotten to that terrible moment where playing in one DnD campaign and running another is just not enough anymore... With the upcoming release of a new supplement, I've got the itch to DM like you wouldn't believe.

I'm interested in starting up a new campaign and DMing for a group of 29th players for 5th edition. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come play. I'm open to players of all skill and experience, from totally brand new to experts. My only limitation would be an expectation of a binding blood pact to consistently show up for whenever we're scheduled to play.

If you're interested in playing, drop a line in this thread and I'll get in touch. If you don't have the books you would need to play, I can help you out with those.

Looking forward to murdering you in a cave playing with you.


  • I don't have the books unfortunately, but I've got quite a bit of experience in 3.5. Depending on when you decide to do it MSgt. I'd be more than happy to join.

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    I don't have the books but I do have 5th edition experience along with Pathfinder. But I'm totally up for it.

    Edit: What would be the interface for this? Roll20? Tabletop?

  • We would be doing Roll20 just for ease of use and accessibility for new players. As I said above, I can help aquire books for people who need them.

  • I have physical copies of all the books but nothing from Roll20 but id love to take part in a campaign with some 29th members MSgt.

  • I'm interested but I don't own any of the books and have no experience

  • Also would you be doing a premodule or homebrew MSgt.?

  • Homebrew, but nothing too fancy

  • I'm always interested in playing some more DnD, I'm already playing 3 campaings so whats one more. It all depends on what time and day it will be however, but if the time and day fits, sign me up. I got pretty good knowledge of 5e so that should not be a problem, I also got the player's handbook on a pdf.

    On another note, me and a group of guys are also looking for 1-2 guys to play a Game Of Thrones based DnD like game that we run on monday evenings, if anyone was interested in doing a 2nd cmapaign on top of this one.

  • I'm interested, I've played some RPGs with friends before but I never tried DnD so I don't have the books.

  • I'l be sending out a PM tonight to all interested parties to start gauging a possible day and time for playing. Throw your name in the hat if you're interested.

  • I'm interested! Add me to the list.

  • Got a moment early and sent the PM just now. If you're interested still, let me know so you can get added to the chain.

  • MSgt. Conrad, please add me to the list as well, I'm interested.

  • I have never played and I'd like to join

  • I would love to play as well. Tried once before but had no luck.

  • Unfortunately, we are sitting at 8 players and had our first session on Saturday. I'm not too keen on picking up additional players at the moment, but I will keep you in mind if the opportunity arises.

  • sounds good

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