RS2 Server Friendly Fire Kick Limit for commander Needs Addressing (unplayable)

Can I ask, how frustrating would it be to be in a match/round in your favourite mp game and having played for a long time the match is nearly coming to an end and perhaps your sides winning due to your smart decision making, you've netted yourself a lot of kills and exp and then suddenly your kicked from the game because one lvl 7 monkey runs into the big obvious red fire support marker and gets obliterated and he doesn't forgive you to be spiteful and asinine or doesn't even know said feature even exists, (which is ridiculously common) and he has done the same thing 3 other people have done before him. How is that fun or fair I ask you? it legitimately felt like the TK kick limit was from 3-5 TK's and as a commander even being extremely cautious in your use of fire support is near impossible to not reach thus making the role of commander unplayable. Why would you want to play as commander knowing your going to be kicked from the game because some new person doesn't know the F1 prompt is present in the bottom left corner until the end of the match or some stupid person chooses to run through the incoming fire support in the the enemy's lines.

If anyone has the ability to increase the TK limit for the commander role on your servers I implore you to do it because this feels like a mistake and right now the role may as well be removed.


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