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Hello, could someone answer me because I was banned from the server 29th Infantry ivision [Battalion Server] ???

I always played on this server, I do not understand.

Game - Rising Storm 2 Viet.


  • Before we can proceed, we require some more information. Can you please fill out the following?

    ROID (How to get your ROID):
    Which Game were you banned on? (Arma 3, RO2/RS, RS2, Squad): RS2 Vietnam
    Date and Time of Ban:
    Name you used when banned:
    Admin who banned you:
    Why were you banned?:
    Why should your ban be overturned?

  • ROID - 76561198396815882

    RS2 Vietnã


    Name you used when banned: Zeppen

    I do not know who was the administrator.

    I do not know the reason for my banishment.

    I always play on this server when it is active, I do not speak in the chat because I do not know English, as far as I know, 29th, it does not distinguish the country because it is a public server. I believe that the administrator made a mistake with me, without any reason banished me and did not say why.

  • Your ban dispute will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Zeppen, you were banned for excessive team killing.

    You're being unbanned, but please double check your targets in the future.

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