Migration Instructions

For this migration, we've brought over all the member records from the old personnel system to the new personnel system. But we didn't bring over the forum accounts, intentionally. The one-time process below will let you associate your new forum account with your old personnel records.
  1. Register an account in the new forums. Pick any username - it will be changed automatically later.
  2. Edit the Profile of your new account
  3. Click the Sign in through Steam button
  4. Follow the directions to sign in through Steam's web site
    NOTE: Your login information is not sent to us - all we get back is your Steam ID, which we actually already have. This verifies it's you and not someone signing up under your name.
  5. Associate your forum account with our personnel records by clicking Associate here


No Steam ID found in forum profile
Verify you've signed in through steam properly by visiting your forum profile. On the right-hand side, you should see your steam name.

No personnel member record with that Steam ID found
This means that we don't have your Steam ID in our records. Send a PM on the old forums to your Squad Leader indicating this. The Squad Leader can then ask the Clerk to update your account, enabling you to perform the Associate step above.

Anything else
The system is still new and we may run into issues that need to be resolved. Send a message to your Squad Leader. If your Squad Leader can't get it working, they'll be able to post the technical issue for resolution.


  • edited January 2015

    Currently have a medical thread, should I repost it to this forum or leave it on the old forums. Also, how long will the old forums be open?

  • edited January 2015

    Not sure what you mean by that, PFC Zenhenko, but feel free to bring content over from the old forum to this one. We'll leave the old forums around for a bit but we'll soon archive them to prevent people posting new content to them. Once they're archived they'll be read-only.

  • I'll have a look at your medical thread on the old forums PFC. I'll be bringing over all the necessary things to this forum soon, so feel free to post in the new medical office from now on, if you have any new problems.

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