Award (Edward T. Mohsley)

PFC Mohsley hasn't been in the unit long, but his dedication to making the Unit a better, more fun place to be a part of easily scales to the efforts of people who had been around for a very long period of time. Easy Company in their new game of Squad has been in dire need of some form of mutator, mod or game mode that would make drills run more efficiently. Prior to the creation of his steam workshop mod which is now required for use in Easy, Platoon and Squad Leaders often had to get on the game a half hour before drills, to set up their drill plans. In addition, to the time commitment for doing so, the timer of the map was always at risk of running out mid drill, making the whole affair a frustrating one.

Before Engineer Corp was brought under new management, then Pvt. Mohsley was working on his own volition to create a tool that would make life easier for Leadership to utilize. The rumor mill in Easy was abundant of this potential answer for all their wows. When Engineer Corp opened up new positions in Easy for code technicians, Pvt. Mohsley aptly applied for the position and double downed on his work to get his mod released for the unit to use. Within short time, Pvt. Mohsley created a mod that would enable a variety of concerns to simply go away. No longer did drill leaders need to worry about time limits, or respawn timers, it added a million tickets so that ticket drain from secured CP's or vehicle loses would prematurely end a round, removed vehicle claims, and allowed all kits to be used in all in game squads. It sounds simple, but without technical know how, such things would still to this day remain impossible. Not only did Pvt. Mohsley create this mod for us all to use, he even put up with some of the background bureaucratic work that the 29th can be known for. That alone is medal worthy.

Regardless, PFC Mohsley went above and beyond when not asked to, and when asked to, he continued to excel for the betterment of others. People he may not talk to in countries he's never been to. Anyone from now till whenever the 29th must move on and leave Squad behind, this mod will most likely be in use. Seeing how quickly new companies can expand and knowing how many people come through the doors that is the 29th ID, perhaps thousands of people will have come to know what a fun drill can be like in Easy Company without a crash or an end of round, to do silly vehicle drills or what not, anything really, just because of the work one person put into the unit. PFC Mohsley has impressed leadership, his comrades and even some people on steam who post "wtf is this?", its all good stuff. While you work on future projects to make drills in Easy more fun (If you haven't guessed an Easy drill, you're doing yourself a disservice), this one has literally changed how the Company operates. From all of the 29th, Thank you.

For your actions, you are being awarded the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.


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