Unbanned - Individuo Enlatado

Name is Individuo Enlatado, admin claimed that I changed my squad name too much or something, which I didn't really do at all, I never even change my squad name on this game, its always the default settings. I don't know who is the admin, and I don't understand the reason for me being banned. I'm not a troll, this is one of my favorite games, and your server is one of the few where I get playable ping.

The ban happened yesterday (01/18/2019), and since I'm from Brazil I have no idea what time it was in the US. I was playing the campaing for at least 3 maps I think, I don't team kill at all and when I do I ask for forgiveness immediatly. I really don't understand why I was banned tbh.


  • Here is my steam page, forgot to link in the OP, sorry.


  • ROID (How to get your ROID): 76561197968932632
    Which Game were you banned on? (Arma 3, RO2/RS, RS2, Squad): Rising Storm 2 Vietnam
    Date and Time of Ban: Friday 18th January
    Name you used when banned: "Individuo_Enlatado"
    Admin who banned you: Unknown
    Why were you banned?: "I really don't understand why I was banned tbh"
    Why should your ban be overturned?: "I really don't understand why I was banned tbh"

    Your ban dispute will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Thank you Garrett!

  • You were banned because members of your squad were changing their squad name to racial slurs. Do you recall anything about that?

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    I don't even know the people that were in my squad, as I join the servers I play by myself, with no friends whatsoever.

    What is the reason behind baning me because other people changed their squad names? Do I have any power over it? And, its not like I keep looking at my squad to see if there are any asshole doing dumb shit with their names tbh, I never even knew this was a thing up until now. I just create the squad, try to be a decent squad leader and have fun with the game.

    I'm still failing to understand why I was banned, especially now. Honestly? I didn't even knew there was difference between the name you use in the game and this "squad name" thing. And, even supposing that me, as a SL have the power to change the name of the members of my squad, isn't this admin's job, to ban people with racial slurs for names and stuff? This is truly confusing lol.. Anyways, I don't get why I was banned, when the other people were using racial slurs as names, not me.

    Thanks for answering man.

  • The name that the squad leader had set was a racial slur, but due to limitations of the admin overlay RS2 uses, the admin at the time was only able to tell who was in the squad, not who the squad leader was. As such, when the squad name kept being changed back after admins forcibly changed it, the entire squad was banned. We apologize that you got caught up in it.

    Seeing as you do not seem to be affiliated with any of the other individuals who were a part of that squad that were banned, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and have you unbanned. Consider this a warning to be aware of those around you that might make you an unwitting accomplice to their rule breaking.

    You will be unbanned from the servers as soon as a capable admin is able to do so.

  • Thank you Conrad, but I still don't get it. Isn't just the squad leader the one that can change the squad name? How did these people changed my squad name? This seems to be a major flaw with the game man, what the hell lol.

    Also, no, I was the squad leader all the time, I remember I created the squad as soon as the match started. It was on the map Cu Chi and it is one of the maps where I really enjoy playing as North SL. As I said in my OP, I never even change the squad name, it probably was "Squad 2" or 3. The fact is, I haven't changed the name of the squad at all, and I wasn't promoted to squad leader as well. Strange stuff tbh.

    Anyways, thanks for lifting the ban! Your server is one of the few where I get playable ping, and its a good server too. I'm just curious now, like, how should I proceed? Do i have too keep watching people under my squad if they have racial slurs for names, and if so, I kick them from my squad?

  • I still am permanently banned on the server. Today is the first day I tryied to join it after making the above post.

  • Friends.. I'm still banned. What Happens?

  • Unsure why the unban never took. You should be unbanned now.

  • Thank you very much Conrad!

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