Denied - Tea Bag Therapist

ROID (How to get your ROID): 76561198015759515
Which Game were you banned on? (Arma 3, RO2/RS, RS2, Squad): Rising Storm 2 Vietnam
Date and Time of Ban: Friday 18th January 05:18 GMT (UTC)
Name you used when banned: "Tea Bag Therapist"
Admin who banned you: Unknown
Why were you banned?: "Insulting the Admin (Calling the Admin out on his BS)"
Why should your ban be overturned?: "Because the Admin was being an abusive D***. My name was originally Tea Bag The Rapist. A joke between me and my friends. I was asked to change it in which I replied to the admin I would prefer to do it after the game had ended due to having to quit RS2 Vietnam. Me and my friends were joking around in the chat about the name and about being british at which point the admin kicked me.

I decided to acknowledge this and change my name to the above. (The name is a reference to the fact that I am indeed british and with the tea being dumped into boston harbour during the revolutionary war. Hence Tea Bag.) Which was Tea Bag Therapist. The second joke being I am a therapist.

During the time that I was changing my name my friends decided to confront the Admin (Hexagon and TurboDoms) Yes some harsh language may have been exchanged but both were banned. THEN another friend of mine was banned (Gingervitus) for using the word Gook. (Which is completely ridiculous. As it is Vietnam that is a historically accurate to use at that time) after this I rejoined and called the admin out on his BS. Yes I insulted him. However he had just banned 3 people and kicked me after I had requested that he wait until the end of the match as I would have to quit the game.

I think this is wholly unfair and a complete abuse of admin powers. Banning 4 people based on some words exchanged over a name which is a play on my british heritage and my profession."
This happened on 29th Infantry Division New York Campaign 1 I think it was called

@MSgt. Conrad said:

Whoever Hexagon and TurboDoms are, I can assure you they aren't admins. All 29th ID admins would be wearing a 29th ID tag.

The other three people were banned for having the n-word as their squad name, so there's that.

Our server rules are listed on our website, when you join the server, and are constantly messaged through the admin console in the chat.

Any and all foul language, especially racial slurs, are not permitted on our server and we enforce that rule strongly. Before you say it, we absolutely don't care what would be acceptable in an actual war or that slurs are historically accurate. Your friend wasn't banned by the way, but I probably would have if I were there. Our server rules have been our server rules for 13 years. I don't see us changing them because someone wants to be toxic and try to justify it.

Excessive arguing with an admin is grounds for at least a temporary ban, but we typically lift those on first offenses.

Except you don't seem remorseful and you just seem to want to continue your behavior after I unban you and you seem to think its our fault for "abusing our power" to police the server that we pay for out of our own pockets. So I'm not particularly inclined to unban you.

Sell me on the idea.

Clearly you have skim read my post else you would understand Hexagon and Turbodoms are my friends who were banned for arguing in my defense over being kicked after asking the admin to wait until the end of the game for me to change my name.

My friends Turbodoms and Hexagon confronted the admin on kicking after asking the admin to wait until the end of the match. Secondly. They were not barred for their name. They were barred for arguing with the admin.

As far as I am aware my other friend Gingervitus didnt even get a warning for using the slur gook and was banned pretty much instantly.

Justify being toxic? elaborate upon where I have tried to justify being toxic? I simply said that using the term gook was historically accurate and it seems strange to ban someone based on the usage of such a word especially when its referring to an ingame character model and not an actual person? Admittedly I was kicked so I don't know how many times it was used. There was very little toxic behaviour. My name was originally Tea Bag The Rapist. I was asked to change it. I asked the admin to wait until the end of the match and then I would. We were joking around in chat with the Admin about me being english and our twisted sense of humour. I got kicked. My friends argued with the admin and we got banned. I joined again after changing my name and called the admin out and got banned.

The only thing you can remotely consider toxic are my friends and I insulting the admin AFTER what would be considered unfair treatment.

I didnt even get a response from the admin after I had asked him to wait until the end of the game. He just kicked me with no response.

We did not have the N-Word in our squad name. Our squad name was Gook. However what our squad was called is irrelevant because that is not the reason why they were banned.

Im not remorseful I have received a kicking after asking politely to wait until the end of the match. Why would I be remorseful for that? I also would not be remorseful for calling the admin out for banning 3 people. I should NOT have used foul language but I think I am at least a little bit justified considering the escalation of the scenario.

Quite frankly. Your attitude stinks also. You haven't tried to look at this completely objectively you don't seem to have fully read the post you have come here with the mindset that you and the admin are correct and that we were being toxic without looking at it objectively. I have never been a member of the 29th Infantry Division but I have played on your servers a few times across Arma 3 and Rising storm. Quite frankly this is disappointing.

Also you talk about policing the server. its more of a totalitarian regime than policing.

I was asked to change my name. I asked if the admin could wait until the end of the match. No response from the admin I was then kicked because I didnt comply.

My friends exchanged some harsh words with the admin upon why I was kicked. They were banned instantly.

I count 2 errors there. Firstly the admin did not state he wanted me to change my name straight away nor did he respond to me after I had asked him to wait until the end of the match. I was just kicked with no response from the Admin. As explained previously I have to completely shut down the entire game for the name to update.

My friends did insult the admin whilst asking why I was kicked which I don't think is wholly unfair considering that a member of their squad just got kicked for essentially trying to ask the admin to wait until the end of the match.

Yes I did rejoin and call the admin out. I did use abusive language towards the admin for banning an entire squad after one member got kicked.

I have not tried to hide the fact that me and my friends committed some wrongs. However if the admin had replied to me and told me "No you need to change your name now" or if he had explained to my friends the REASON why I got kicked there would not have been a need to ban 4 people from a server. Instead your admin chose not to explain himself and instead decided to ban everyone.

Yes you pay for the server however people play on the server with the thought that the admins will be fair in judgement and be willing to explain themselves. You have a right to police the server however you choose to police that has not been questioned. What has been questioned is the conduct of your admin on this occasion and the way he has acted not towards one but four individuals with no warnings or explanations.

Let me ask you a question. If you and your squad were performing rather well after some very abhorrent games and then one of your squad members got kicked for not receiving a reply to an admin about a name change in which he had asked the admin to wait. Would you not be a little irate? Would you not choose to question the admin on WHY the individual had been kicked after specifically asking the admin "Can I do it at the end of the match as I will have to restart Rising Storm 2"

I see the issue. You see, your sentence read "During the time that I was changing my name my friends decided to confront the Admin (Hexagon and TurboDoms)". Had you wanted to say that they were your friends, it should have read "During the time that I was changing my name my friends (Hexagon and TurboDoms) decided to confront the Admin".

I've got no ban records for your friends, just you. They probably got session banned for arguing with an admin.

I happen to trust my admins to do the right thing and you've not done much to convince me they didn't.

Your ban will stand. You are welcome to appeal at a later date if you choose to do so, but we understand if you would like to play on other servers in the future.

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Based on the above information I do not believe my case have been handled fairly or justly. I do not believe Msgt.Conrad has handled this case fairly or Justly. He has not been an independent third party and seems to have been biased against me.

I would like for someone else to look into the above and tell me if the perm ban for insulting an admin after being kicked for a name after asking for said admin to wait until the end of the match as mentioned above is fair or just.


  • This isn't a democracy man.

    In your own words, it's a totalitarian regime.

    If it helps at all, I've had a few people look at it and come back to me with the same conclusion. Our admins acted according to the rules we have had on our server since they were created. It is evident that you are not open to truly admitting you've done wrong by us and are just more interested in someone telling you we were in the wrong. That's not going to happen, no matter how many "third parties" we get involved.

    I'll be locking this thread again now. If you post again without actually being ready to come to the table without trying to throw an admin under the bus at the same time, you will be permanently banned and banned from our forums.

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