Division 2 (PC)

Anyone looking to play the Division 2? I have started today and it is alright, feels like the first one but in a new setting. Feel free to add me on Uplay: Rushonfire22 and if you want join my clan: Filthy Casual


  • OH gezzzz i forgot about division 2! You say it plays just like the first? is it more like when it first came out, or how the first one plays now? Me and McManus from the 29th played the first one so much we loved it. I just wanna know more about the second one before i spend the money lol.

  • Im not totally sure, but I would say how the first one played after they fixed it. But I haven't played dark zone or much of conflict yet which I hear is where they did the most of their gameplay changes. I am really liking the game so far though

  • We should make a 29th Clan or something.

    My Uplay is Rvelvet.Seulgi. HMU once we hit the postgame

  • Ive hit endgame now, Im currently in a clan with a couple 29th guys and some other friends but anyone is free to join: Filthy Casual

  • free weekend from 13 to 16 of June

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