Easy Company Battle of the Squads: In Review

Easy Company Battle of the Squads: In Review

In late 2018, Easy Company embarked on a journey to see what her squads were made of. Nine squads, some as old as Easy Company itself, some only weeks old, would all compete for the title of best squad. While this is determined every six months or so, with the coveted Superior Unit Citation, this competition was for a much greater prize: the prestigious Meritorious Unit Citation. The Superior Unit Citation is nice, as are all medals and awards, but it goes away as the ever changing landscapes of platoons shift. The Meritorious Unit Citation however, stays with a member and their squad, enshrining themselves in the 29th’s great history.

Under the organization and leadership of SSgt. Dethfield, and with the help of SSgt. Robles, a schedule, rules, and bracket were all created and announced. There were measures put in place to ensure fairness for each squad, along with rewards for the squads that recently were awarded the Superior Unit Citation, ensuring each of them a first round bye and a place in their platoon championship. Matches were fierce, often including close range engagements consisting of four Attack/Defense rounds and an Attack/Attack tiebreaker if necessary. This set the stage for an exciting competition, one that would reveal interesting tactics, exciting gameplay, and even heroic acts by some.

"This is an exciting time for Easy Company! We hope to see some really heated and intense fights in the matches ahead and above all, remember that you guys are here to prove your squad is the best squad in the company and can be victorious regardless of the circumstances! Train hard and keep your morale high and give every match 100%!"

– SSgt. Dethfield, EP2 Platoon Sergeant

Train hard the company did, with every squad drill being based around preparation for Easy Company Battle of the Squads. Every squad put in the effort, time, and excellence that define the 29th Infantry Division, and while there was only one winner, eight squads left the competition knowing that they represented their platoons, company, and the unit well.

Easy Company, Second Platoon, First Squad, while no longer having the same roster, still carries pride in what they accomplished by winning this competition. In the process of getting through the competition, they competed against three squads, two of those being the best the other platoons had to offer, and still came out victorious. Not only did they earn this victory, they did it without leaving a doubt as to which squad was superior, winning not just every match, but every single round thanks to the heroic acts of now Cpl Greene. Without his acts of bravery and a lack of self preservation in the final minute of the round, the final defender would have been able to go undetected and win the round for the other team. He ran through the objective with little regard to anything but victory, managing to locate the enemy behind a door, and kill him. Unfortunately, his wounds proved fatal and he fell. For this, he was awarded the Purple Heart. While Cpl. Greene's action were vital to his squad, it was thanks to all members that they were able to win this competition and show their excellence.

"It has been an exemplary display of skill, team, dedication and sportsmanship on the part of the squad and there is no doubt that they have earned their overwhelming victories and title as champion of the EBOTS competition.”

– SSgt. Dethfield, EP2 Platoon Sergeant


The roster of the EBOTS Champions - EP2S1:
Sgt. Willis – Squad Leader
Cpl. Maciel – Assistant Squad Leader
T/5 C. Garrett – Combat Engineer
PFC Harmon – Platoon Sniper
PFC Moreno – Rifleman
PFC Greene – Grenadier
PFC Strickland – Automatic Rifleman
PFC McDonough – Rifleman
Pvt. York - Rifleman
Pvt. Assis – Rifleman

On behalf of the entire unit, congratulations once again EP2S1, and Easy Company as a whole, on a job well done!

Written by Cpl. Gibson
Edited by PFC Tilley & T/4 Laird


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