Forgotten Honor vs Reapers

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Forgotten Honor won the coinflip. You may chose whether you would like to be Allies or Axis on the first and third maps.

Reminder - This is a best of three series over all three maps. The maps have been drawn in the following order:

Map 1 - Demyansk
Map 2 - FactoryPlateMill
Map 3 - Warehouse

The first team to win two maps is the champion.

This match must be played before April 30th. You do not need to play all three maps at once, you may space the maps out.


  • Request that we are allowed to go past deadline.

  • If this is what both teams require to get a time to play their match then request granted.

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    Match taking place on saturday, May 2nd, at 4 PM UTC-5 (9 UTC) as discussed via steam.

  • Sounds good, good luck to both of you.

  • The Forgotten honor won the first 2 maps so we ended it. Both teams played very well great job all around.

  • Really tight second map. This was a nice tournament, tho it would have nice to see more maps to be played each time (maybe best of 3 all the way?). But there were only 3 maps to beging with, that makes it complicated.

    Tournament in general played out fairly well, thanks for patience with timezone difficulties goes to squad leaders and organizer.

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