Award (Joris Corrion)

It is no secret that the Engineer Corps has seen its rise and fall in leadership in the past year and a half. The rise and fall in leadership has also mirrored the activity of the office. Despite all this change, from the final months of DH to our new games in Squad, T/4 Corrion has been a cornerstone to the office. With the office finally coming back online again, instead of flaking off like so many understandably would, T/4 Corrion has stuck to his guns and is continuing his efforts of updating Fort Meade (which has been unplayable for months due to a broken SDK and inactive office leadership) and working on his own private projects which add to his skills here in the unit. Not only this, but T/4 Corrion has also been lending out a helping hand to newbies such as myself in honing in our skills with the in-game editor. As the office moves forward, this collaborative and helpful attitude will only make the office more productive and efficient. Thank you for the hard work T/4 and may your time in Reserves only serve to focus your technical abilities. I hope this Armed Forces Service Medal will find some space on that jacket of yours.


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