Badge (Grant P. Gillespie)

PFC Gillespie has always had a love of big metal boxes with guns on them. He loved them in Darkest Hour and the same is true in Squad. When we all got sick of vehicles driving into rivers or getting stuck on 2-foot high fences, Easy company implemented the Crewman AIT to help focus certain people into mastering these crucial assets. PFC Gillespie was one of the first to meet this challenge and today he is one the most knowledgeable crewman in the company. He knows the ins and outs of every vehicle, constantly learning everything he can as changes are applied between patches and showing everyone else exactly how these vehicles should be used. One of his greatest traits is his patience, never feeling the need to charge to his own death or just driving into the open. He is patient, calm and meticulous when operating a vehicle and it has been deemed that has earned the first Armor Marksman Badge in Easy company. Excellent job!


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