Badge (Matt R. Newton) 

Sgt. Minor said:

PFC Newton is one hell of PFC. He is a competent marksman with any firearm and deadly with his primary kit, the combat engineer. He also is EP2S2's assistant squad leader, and has shown time and time again excellent planning and reactions to changes on the battlefield. His leadership abilities excel even out of combat, designing drill plans that have multiple things to teach or review aspects of combat and articulates concepts and skills to the squad, both new and old members. Even these things are not enough for the PFC, he has volunteered his time to train the fresh faces that make up the THICC that the SSgt loves to see every Monday night. To top all of that off, PFC Newton goes out of his way to add to that roster of soon to be trained thickness, earning him his next Combat Action Badge. Recruit, Train, Kill, Lead; the tagline for PFC Newton. Congratulations of your shiny new badge PFC, wont be long until you get another.


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