Award and Eight Years and Six Months of Service (Maciej Z. Slomczynski)

There are few in the 29th who do so much work for the benefit of all of our members for so little in return. I can think of no one so selfless and dedicated to our unit as T3 Slomczynski. Day in and day out, we ask so much more of you than we deserve to. You are the heart that keeps this unit going no matter what and we cannot thank you enough for that. If we could afford to pay you for all you do, we would strongly consider it, and then decide not to do it probably. You're the best the 29th has to offer, and while you have three missing AOCCs and a missing World War 1 Victory Medal, I think you're missing something else that you've earned long ago. In addition to your missing service medals, I am pleased to award you a Distinguished Service Medal for your constant above and beyond involvement with this unit. The medal is not enough to thank you for all you do.


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