Hunt: Showdown

Basically a two player team tactical FPS in wich you had to compete with four other teams to hunt down PVE monsters and pick their bounties up.
Once you got the bounty you need to go to the extraction point, knowing that every other hunters can see you on the map and try to take you down to steal it.
The permadeath system and the limited firepower (game is set in the early 1900 so it's a revolver/bolt action matter) is pretty hardcore and brings to really tense gunfights, in wich tactical choices, positioning and coordination with your teammate are of the upmost importance.
It's a very good combination on PVP and PVE in my opinion, and the astonishing graphics and sounds from Crytek create a truly immersive experience.

Since there was no thread about it i thought to open one, feel free to add me on steam if you already play this.

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