Award (Joshua S. Evarts) 

Cpl. Newton said:

PFC Evarts is fairly well known here in Easy Company for his rifle skills. The reason he is so well known, is because he has attended or guested every single drill in Easy Co. over the last 3 months. Every company drill, all three platoon drills, and all eleven squad drills EST and GMT every week have had PFC Evarts present and racking up an enormous body count. Evarts has also gotten himself a position as an AWOL adjutant and cameraman for our twitch/youtube channels recently. That is not all, however. With EBOTS II kicking off Evarts has thrown himself wholeheartedly into EP2S2's preparation, staying up long after guesting the drills for the evening and scouring every inch of the maps for hiding spots, approaches, and danger zones. PFC Evarts' dedication, competitive spirit, and good attitude are all certainly a mark of a great soldier and serve as a model that all in Easy Co. can aspire to.


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