Award (Noah A. Eckhardt)

Sgt. Van Dongen said:

PFC Eckhardt has big collection of jobs in the 29th. He started collecting them since he was very young. Every job seems interesting to him, almost fascinating, as he studies them from a safe distance. He takes them to his laboratory in which he conducts the jobs. He feeds the jobs by getting their tasks done. He fed them into strong entities, keeping them occupied at all time. In all seriousness, PFC Eckhardt has been doing a lot of extra work for the 29th. Things that are not demanded of him but to which he volunteers. In a couple of his jobs I have witnessed his conduct and they are of a high fashion. Besides that, PFC Eckhardt barely misses a drill, helps out with Squad Management, contributes to a healthy squad environment and is always looking for ways of improvement. Because of all this I believe PFC Eckhardt deserves the Good Conduct Medal.


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