Anyone currently working for the VA?

I want to know if there is anyone here working for the VA, because I have a question concerning how I would be receiving payment benefits under Chapter 35? This is only concerning the event that my Dad, who I'm biologically related to, decides to 'cut me off' from my benefits because he doesn't like how I'm managing my money. I already called the VA and they said that because he is biologically related, he can't stop me from being paid. However, my Dad is now telling me that he can fill out a form to receive my payment benefit instead of me. Is this true? I'm calling the VA tomorrow just to know for myself. I believe the only way I would receive no benefits is if he stopped cooperating by not providing information while I apply for VA benefits. The only thing is that this could have been the case right when I started college, because he had to add me as a dependent in the first place I believe. Any information from a current or former VA worker would be helpful.

I also apologize if this thread seems like I'm bringing my problems to you guys, but I only ask for information concerning the transfer of my payment benefits.


  • My god this is so off-topic that seems unappropriate even for the off-topic forum! XD

    Anyway i hope someone can help you with that.
    I don't really know US legislation since i'm italian, but i think that your dad is probably obliged to make the payments in your favor. Anyway if you're legally underage and he is actually in charge of your assets he is likely bound to spend it ( or keep it ) for your wellbeing.
    I'm just guessing here though, based solely on common principles of law.

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