Is there a Discord for the 29th, or a specific reason we don't have one? I've found they tend to help with recruiting, as you can lock channels to enlistments, promote comraderie, as you lock channels to each soldiers unit. They're quick, and easy to maintain, as well. I could easily maintain a discord server for a group of this size.


  • You need TS for TFAR to work.

  • I'm not talking about a discord server for use in the games. Basically to have pre and post game discussions, and to be able to get to know your comrades better when you're not in a position to join the teamspeak server. For example, I could be at work, have Discord on my phone, and still chat and get to know my fellow soldiers all without having to talk on teamspeak. Definitely wasn't suggesting it as a replacement.

  • Well ideally, since we already pay for a beautifully designed forum with plenty of boards for discussion, we normally encourage everyone to utilise this more. Then you have Steam Groups, which (at least for Charlie) have Platoon, and Squad chats so you can talk with your friends on the Steam app on the go.

  • We also do the same for Dog, we have Squad chats and thing like that. Great way to make friends out of your fellow squad members.

  • I'm actually very happy you guys use forums and Teamspeak instead of Discord. Since it's free, it's another one of those applications that use your data to make money by selling it off to third parties.

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