Unbanned - Big Daddy

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ROID (How to get your ROID): 76561198001569710
Which Game were you banned on? (Arma 3, RO2/RS, RS2, Squad): RS2
Date and Time of Ban 9:55 PM CST 7/24/2019
Name you used when banned: Big daddy
Admin who banned you: Don't know
Why were you banned?: Admin states I used the N word, never did in the match before and early match in which I was banned. Now if the admin states I was being rude and offensive then that was true. Match before called all the SLs they sucked for the match on voice and text. One person also for not going into the cap point in the last few seconds. New match starts commander calls in spooky, AA goes up. I type in chat AA up, commander calls in scout and that is when I tell him "did you not pay attention to AA?" Then banned for using the N word. Video leading to ban -
Why should your ban be overturned?: I did not say the N word, if the ban is for foul language then let it be that.


  • Your ban dispute will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

  • You know what I actually think the admin may have mistook me for actually typing the N word. In the video at the 1:30 marker. If admins only see censored words then I can see why they thought I said the N word. But I said idiots. If it is still for being offensive then I get that.

  • Your suspicions are essentially spot on. Your general misconduct brought attention onto you in the already rowdy server and your typed message caught by the censor was indeed interpreted as using the N word given the context of other conversations taking place around that time. I appreciate your honesty in mentioning you felt you were crossing lines in other ways and I apologize that your ban was for an inaccurate reason.

    You have been unbanned from our public servers. Please be sure to control your conduct in the future to ensure there are no further accidental misinterpretations of your messages.

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