Award (Mark R. Furie)

Sundays have become busy days for Easy company. It is currently filled with multiple drills and multiple EBOTS matches all one after the other, with all leadership often scrambling to set things up and make sure everyone is ready to go that day. The entire company ran into some trouble with a recent update to the game and mods which was causing numerous people to crash in various ways and it was only found to be a problem mere hours before the beginning of the day's activities. Upon first hearing about the issue, I immediately found Cpl. Furie online and had him assist a member of EP2S2 who was having game trouble only an hour before the big EBOTS match. He managed to solve the issue minutes before the match started, allowing the soldier in question to participate in a crucial competition match.

It was then that Corporal Furie would begin a what would become hours of troubleshooting technical issues for multiple people while under the crunch of impending drills and matches. Furie volunteered to remain available through the day, taking on one tech support case after another, getting the issues worked and then immediately moving to another one. By the end of the day, he had helped countless people resolve their problems, figured out a significant portion of the causes behind the crashes and had even taken it upon himself to quickly write up medical alerts on the forums and guides to fixing these issues that could be used for easy reference. This all occurred within the span of 8 straight hours and the dedication and tireless effort of Corporal Furie did not go unnoticed by all of those around him. If there had been more blood, screaming in pain, and random doctors yelling "CLEAR" it would have been exactly like a real Medical Corps. For his incredible efforts in a tight crunch during an important string of scheduled events, Corporal Furie is being awarded the Armed Forces Service Medal.


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