Badge (Aristidi L. Deb) 

Sgt. Brenholen said:

There once was a time when Dog Company had 34 members. This was in the early days including the very first company drill the 29th had been to in Rising Storm 2. There seemed to have come a point when Dog almost closed down because of such a small number of those 34 or so were actually showing up. Now in Dog company, we sit around 140 members. It is because of people such as PFC Deb with his dedication and tenacity to go out on his own time and talk to people out in the other communities and get them to enlist. His recruitment allows everyone to have a more enjoyable time in Dog Company and the 29th as a whole. Deb is the example to follow feeding the bloodline to keep us growing. Congratulations on your CAB4 and your path that you took to get it.


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