Nine Years and Six Months of Service (Mark A. Minor) 

2Lt. Willis said:

Sgt. Minor is one of those 29th members who can say they’ve seen it all. Sgt. Minor started his 29th career in 2010 and has been around the block a few times starting off in Darkest Hour. Sgt. Minor is what every Platoon needs, a seasoned, well groomed soldier who puts his guys first. I have never heard anyone say anything negative about Sgt. Minor and its clear he has earned the respect of his subordinates and his peers. Having a rock like Sgt. Minor in the Platoon makes my job easier as I know what I am going to get day in and day out. 9.5 years of service, 19 AOCCs is something made into legends. Congratulations on an impressive milestone many will never even sniff at in the 29th and hope to see you around for another 6 months to give you the infamous 5th rainbow. Congratulations Sergeant.


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