One Year of Service (Ethan R. Kon)

PFC Hamilton said:

At this point, I'm sure pretty much everyone in Easy Company knows who PFC Kon is. He joined the 29th a little over a year ago and right from the beginning he started to make a name for himself as a quiet but deadly rifleman whom could be relied on by leadership for his good attendance and even better in-game skills. Early on he set a goal for himself of one day becoming a platoon sniper. With hard work and determination he was able to accomplish this goal and has since been doing everything he can to improve his skills as our sniper. While we often joke with PFC Kon about needing to "git good" and about his habit of dying in the most unlucky ways possible, he is a valuable member of our squad, platoon, and company as a whole and I look forward to seeing where he's at for his next AoCC. Congrats Kon, stick around for a while longer and keep shooting people for us.


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