One Year of Service (Georg Scorzeni)

Cpl. Knezevic said:

When people think of PFC Scorzeni they think of a guy who does not speak much. However, when I think of him, i think of a capable and reliable individual, always doing his best, and never even having the thought of disobeying orders, being loyal to the core and staying disciplined and focuses to the task he got no matter how things are going, be them good or bad. Since he stayed with his rifle AIT, it is evident that he is willing to polish his already good play level to the even higher level, and with his full year of service, he already left a huge mark, not only to the DP1S1, but to the whole platoon in general. Saying good things regarding DP1S1 would not be possible without mentioning PFC Scorzeni, as he has been with myself through trick and thin, even for this short period of time. With that said congratulations on your 2nd AoCC, PFC Scorzeni! Half way to go for that rainbow!


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