Badge (Karel Mrzena)

PFC Falenty said:

Speaking of any other, PFC Mrzena used to be a Crewman before he discharged over a year ago. When he came back, he jumped back straight into the Crewman AIT. Since then, he's been diligently kicking butt in most vehicles he can get his hands on. Together with the PFC from moments ago, he formed a great power duet. The CROWS thing from before? Yup, that's the two of them. Both of these crewmen are very skilled and a proud example of how a Crewman team should be working together to dominate over the enemy when given an asset that you've almost mastered. But that doesn't mean he can't handle himself. Put him up in a tank against two TOW launchers, he'll eat them for breakfast. I could go for hours on these two.

PFC Mrzena, Congratulations on getting your shiny Armor Marksman Badge. Guess we kept you waiting, huh?


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