Four Years of Service (Steven van Dongen)

Cpl. Borkowski said:

Sgt. van Dongen I know this guy for too damn long. I can not belive that I met Sgt. so many years ago. He was a silly Private, but very eager and dedicated. He climbed quick, from silly Private to a good leader. After finishing SLT he took ASL role and after some time SL position. Then sad times came for AP1S1, because our great leader went to Easy Company, which I joined already one year ago. So we have met again and can cooperate one more time. I hope we will work together as much as it is possible. Cheers Sgt. van Dongen. I congratulate you on your 8th AOCC and 2nd WWI Victory Medal!!! You are getting old, pal. I hope to see 8 more of them.


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