Ten Years of Service (Luke M. Rodgers)

Sgt. Miochevich said:

There are many reasons why a person would stay in the 29th Infantry Division. The company of good people, enjoying games with good and well skilled people, trying to do something new and different, all those are just some of the reasons. But life has its own ways, and many of our friends have left us; some, however, managed to stay here for years. And years. PFC Rodgers is a person whom I am very glad to say that I have met; a really great guy, a person with great experience and awesome skills, and someone who we can all count on in DP1S2. To think that this guy has been here for 10 years is absolutely astonishing, and I sincerely hope that he will stay with us for many more to come, as he has a lot more to give to this unit. Congratulations on your 20th Army of Occupation Medal, as well as your 5th WWI Victory Medal, PFC Rodgers!


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